Pudung Gram Panchayat under Kalimpong –I Development Block, physically extends from top of the hill just below Delo in the north to the base of Relli river in south. It is very narrow in width i.e. east-west.


A scenic View of mid Pudung Village

Local inhabitant mostly live on Agriculture and other allied labour works. MGNREGA has a great impact on Socio-economic condition of the locals along with its development.

According to the House Assessment List 2016-17, there are 534 households in the  G.P. It’s population as per Census 2001 are 2100 with 1054  male  and 1046 that of female. Accordingly, there are 149 Scheduled Cast and 161  Scheduled Tribe Population. 90% of the poplation are literate.

Pudung Gram Panchayat is formed out of four Gram Sansads namely, 1) Khadalay-I, 2)Khadalay-II, 3)Sungdungand 4)Upper Pudung. Agriculture produce of Pudung includes Rice, Maize, Potato, Ginger, Broomsticks and rarely Cardamom. Upper and Middle Pudung is densely Populated but adversely dry area and lower portion has paddy fields and small production of Cardamom which can be improved with proper irrigation managements.

Gram Panchayat Office has its own Office building which was constructed in the year 1995 and totally renovated in the year 2015.


G.P. Official & Staff during Office hour.


                     Pudung G.P. Office


Employees of this Gram Panchayat are as follows:- 

  1. Sri B.B.Rasaily, Executive Assistant, Ph. No. 9932965693.


         General Section of Pudung G.P. Office

  2. Sri Karun Acharya, Panch. Sahayak, Ph. No.9932591433.
  3. Sri Maitaram Subba, G.P. Karmee, Ph. No.9933019072.
  4. Sri Ajay Pariyar, G.P.Karmee, Ph. No. 9002931722

And a Tax Collector.

Pudung G.P. has one Sub Health centre with two nos. of Health Assistants working for it. There are seven Awanwari Workers working in different parts of G.P. Two Pranibandu workers are also given tables in the G.P. Office.

There are two Primary schools, two private nursery Schools and an only high School in Pudung G.P.  Gram Sudharak Pustakalaya(Library) is located in upper Pudung. One Community Hall is located at Sungdung which too is identified as a relief centre for natural and other disaster in the Gram Panchayat.


Chandramaya High School,only High School in the                region with a good academic record.


Pudung Community Hall which is also Relief Centre.













Places of interest:-

Relli river attracts people for fishing fun(only hooks and nets are allowed). A local purchase can be done every Sunday at Pala very near to Relli Bazar.

There is a beautiful swimming pool near Siwalaya Mandir.


                   An old Krishna mandir


                        Swimming Pool






Play Ground under Land development work of                       MGNREGA done in 2008


A footpath constructed at Khadalay under rural connectivity of                                          MGNREGA In 2015-16.