Prachesta is an endeavor of the Darjeeling District Administration to reach out to the people with basic public services. In this programme applications are recurred from general public on 1st Tuesday of every month as a cycle window system by the GPs. The applications are then duly sent to respective departments for processing.


We have been conducting the Prachesta Programme regularly and the applications are monitored by real time online monitory portal :

Till date we have successfully prachesta application received ST – 95, OBC- 38, SC-14 new Bank A/c open 15.

Apart from regular prahesta, we have organized special prachesta camp at kaffer-kankepong GP On 20th of November 2015 and at Rambi BPHC on 8th December 2015. The camps were head by the District Magistrate Darjeeling as well as the Superintendent of Police Darjeeling.