The minority affairs is catering to the specific needs and aspirations of the large minority community all over in West Bengal. The departments work for the development and welfare of minorities, thereby ensuring the protection of rights and providing opportunity of growth.

It was craved out of ministry of social justice and empowerment and created on 29th January 2006 to ensure a more focused approach toward issues relating to the notified minority communities namely Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikhs, Parsis and Jain. The mandate of the ministry includes formulation of overall policy and planning, coordination, evaluation and review of the regulatory framework and development programmes for the benefit of the minority communities.

  • Visions

Empowering the minority communities and creating an enabling environment for strengthening the multi racial, multi ethnic, multi cultural, multi-lingual and multi religious character of our nation.

  • Missions

To improve the socio economic conditions and the minorities communities through affirmative action and inclusive development so that every citizen has equal opportunity to participate actively in building a vibrant nation. To facilitate an equitable share for minorities communities in the education, employment, economic activities and  to ensure their upliftment.

Various facilities had been implemented by our block to minority communities viz:

  • Destitute Minority Women Rehabilitation programme
  • Vocational training programme under MSDP
  • Pre matric and post matric scholarship
  • Minority students hostel
  • Construction of fencing for graveyards, church, Gumbpa. Mosque, Idgah , Mazar
  • Construction of karma Tirtha Hatt at Nimbong, Suruk , Sinji.





                                           : PALDEN THSERING TAMANG (B.W.O)

                                           : MANABENDU SAHA (B.L.F)