Kaffer Kankebong



Kaffer-Kangkebong Gram Panchayat under Kalimpong-I Development Block is situated in the north-east of Kalimpong-I,sub-division Kalimpong in the district of Darjeeling,West Bengal. It is bounded by Kalimpong-III in the east, Relly river in the west, Kalimpong-II in the north and Seokbir-Khani Gram Panchayat and Nimbong Gram Panchayat in the south. The motorable distance between Kalimpong town and Kaffer-Kangkebong Gram Panchayat  via Lava is 62 Km. and via Lolay-Pala village is 40 Km. Gram Panchayat has its own office building constructed in the year 1995 in an area of 0.06 acre of land which is donated by Sri.Tshering Bhutia of Kaffer-I  and later it was renovated and extended with Rajiv Gandhi Sewa Kendra and Kaffer-Kangkebong SHG Cluster house. Kaffer-Kangkebong Gram Panchayat comprises of two mouzas,      1.Kaffer.     2.Kangkebong.


Name of the Sansad and the villages.

  1. Sansad/I – Kaffer-I (  Sailung,Deorali,Middle Kaffer,Pemling-I Forest Village )

2.Sansad/II-   Kaffer-II       (  Lower Kaffer,Malbong,Siddim and Lamaytar )

  1. Sansad/III-Kangkebong ( Lower Kangkebong,Gairi Gaon,Beech Gaon and Sakyong )
  2. Sansad/IV-Munthum ( Munthum,Kholatar and Samali )


i. Total Constituency  :  6  (six)







ii. Total Members        :  6 (six)

The Administrator of Kaffer-Kangkebong Gram Panchayat is Smt.Kaveri Subba,BDMO,

Kalimpong-I Development Block.  9733031588.


1.Sri.I.K.Subba,Secretary  ( Executive Assistant Incharge ).  9832363160

2.Sri.Raju Thapa,Panchayat Sahayak.  7679226501

3.Sri.Pancha Bahadur Gurung, G.P.Karmee.  9800416963

4.Smt.Phulmaya Bhujel, G.P.Karmee.  9563490196

5. Sri.P.B Yonzon, Collecting Sarkar. 8016694405

6.Sri.Rabin Thapa,Collecting Sarkar. 9679013765


  1. Total Area : 2145.00 Acres

ii.Agricultural Land      :   1061.83 Acres

iii.Fallow Land             :     588.61 Acres

iv.Forest Land               :    494.56 Acres

  1. J.L.No.of Kaffer Mouza : 43
  2. J.L.No.of Kangkebon Mouza : 28

vii.Total Bargadars                       : 71

viii.Total Patta Holders                : 446


Main crops : Paddy,maize,millet,green vegrtables,etc.

Cash crops : Cardamom,ginger and broom sticks ( Amlisho in local language ).

Main livelihood of the people of Gram Panchayat :  Agriculture,livestock and dairy farm,cash crops and tourism.

POPULATION: ( as per Census 2010-2011)

Total population      :   2613

Male                         :   1389

Female                     :   1224

Scheduled Tribe population      :   1579 ( Male = 826, Female = 753 )

Scheduled Caste population      :   166   ( Male = 90,     Female = 76 )

Others                                        :    868  ( Male = 473, Female = 395 )

Total Household                        :   650   ( as per House Assessment List 2016-2017 )

Total BPL families                    :  143  ( as per Economy Servey’2005 )

NSAP ( National Social Assistance Programme)

Total Pensioners under NSAP.

1.IGNOAP                                :  09

2.IGNOAP (80 Yrs & above)   :  10

3.IGNWP                                  :  05

4.IGNDP                                   :  Nil

5.SOCIAL WELFARE             :

6.S.T.PENSION                        : 35


Literacy rate of the Gram Panchayat  :  73.70  % ( Male = 41.67 % , Female = 32.03 % )


  1. Govt.Primary School : i.Kaffer Gaon Primary School

ii.Purano Kaffer Primary School.

iii.Krishna Diwas Primary School.

  1. ICSE ( Private ) : St.Stephen’s School,Kaffer.
  2. Nursery School (Private ) : i. Holy Cross Mission Primary School.
  3. Adult Education Centre : 1 (one )
  4. S.S.K. : i. SSK Pemling-I F.V.    ii.  SSK Kangkebong.
  5. Public Library : Nil.
  6. Health Centre : Nil
  7. I.C.D.S. (Aganwadi )

Centre & AWW                  : 10 (ten)

i.Kaffer Gaon,Smt.Thangumaya Tamang, 9800369693

ii.Pemling-I F.V.,Smt.Pavitra Syangden, 8772472306

iii.Deorali Gaon,Smt.Sujata Gadaily, 9800936554

iv.Samali Gaon,Smt.Sunita Tamang, 8972113874

v.Lower Kaffer,Smt.Nimkit Lepcha, 8016216983

vi.Siddim,Smt.Kalpana Tamang, 8016538004

vii,Kangkebong, Smt.Manika Rai, 9932095409

viii.Munthum, Smt.Prava Subba, 8972679292


  1.   Kangkebong Lower.


  1. B.P.O. : 1  (one) B.P.O.Kaffer.

2.Co-operative Society      :   1 (one) 250 members (approx.)

3.Bank                                :   Nil


Kaffer-Kangkebong Gram Panchayat has a cluster of 15 (fifteen) SHG groups which are functioning very actively in economical upliftment,skill development programmes and social welfare activities.List of the SHG are as follows:

1.Darpan SHG.                                              Kaffer-I

2.Shristi SHG.                                               Kaffer-I

3.Kanchanjunga SHG.                                  Kaffer-I

4.Kaffer SHG.                                              Kaffer-I

5.Deep SHG.                                                Kaffer-I

6.Shankar SHG.                                           Kaffer-I

7.Prakirti SHG.                                            Kaffer-I

8.Jagriti SHG.                                              Kaffer-I

9.Dristi SHG.                                               Kaffer-I

10.Navin Sangh SHG.                                 Kaffer-I

11.Samjana SHG.                                         Kaffer-I

12.Sahana SHG.                                          Munthum

13.Suraksha SHG.                                       Lower Kaffer

14.Chautari SHG.                                        Lower Kaffer

15.Dukha Niwaran SHG.                             Kangkebong.


Total Polling Stations under Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency      :   3  (three)

  1. 22/173, Kaffer Gaon Primary School ( Kaffer-I,Siddim-I,Pemling-I F.V., Lolay Gaon F.V.)
  2. 22/174, Purano Kaffer Primary School. ( Kaffer-II,Siddim-II,Lamaytar and Malbong)
  3. 22/175, Krishna Diwas Primary School. ( Kangkebong,Munthum,Kholatar and Samali)


Kaffer-Kangkebong Gram Panchayat has a QRT or a Quick Response Team.The duty of the team is to rescue,restore and rehabilitate the lives and properties of the effected area caused by the natural calamities,such as,landslides,earthquake,thunderstorm,hurricane,fire accidents,etc. The team is available round the clock and react for the necessary action as soon as they are informed.Their duty is also to inform the people in advance about the expected heavy rainfall,hurricane,thunderstorm,etc,which is forecasted by weather analysis department and help or guide the people to take the  necessary rescue measures so that the lives and  valuable documents,properties,etc, can be saved.The details of the staffs of Gram Panchayat and the volunteers for the relief operation are as follows:


1.Smt.Kaveri Subba,Block Desaster Management Officer,Kalimpong-I.   9733031588.

2.Sri.I.K.Subba,Secretary  ( Executive Assistant Incharge ).                       9832363160.

3.Sri.Raju Thapa,Panchayat Sahayak.                                                          7679226501.

4.Sri.Pancha Bahadur Gurung, G.P.Karmee.                                                9800416963.

5.Smt.Phulmaya Bhujel, G.P.Karmee.                                                          9563490196.


1.Sri.Subash Rai,                                       Kaffer-I                                       9002355998.

2.Sri.Som Bahadur Tamang,                     Kaffer-I                                       9800319361.

3.Sri.Rapden Lepcha,                                Pemling-I F.V.                            9733715082

4.Sushri.Binu Rai                                      Pemling-I F.V.                            9733760479.

5.Sri.Pema Tamang,                                  Siddim                                         9933132063.

6.Sri.Santosh Tamang,                              Lower  Kaffer                              9800026713.

7.Sri.Poulus Lepcha,                                 Lower  Kaffer                              8016373036.

8.Sri. John Lepcha,                                   Lower  Kaffer                              8016373036.

9.Sri.Laxman Bajghai,                              Kangkebong                                9735960734.

  1. Sri.Balbir Lepcha,  Kangkebong                                9635882598.
  2. Sri.Damber Pradhan,  Kangkebong                                9733713357.
  3. Sri.Stephen Lepcha, Kangkebong                         7602409155
  4. Sri.Martin Tamang, Munthum                             9832076777.
  5. Sri.Prem Singh Lepcha, Samali                                  9932371387.
  6. Sri.Bharat Thapa, Munthum                                    9547042980.
  7. Sri.Milan Pokhrel, Kholatar                               9832390896.
  8. Sri.Bikash Poudyal, Kholatar                               8927773431.




Kaffer is well known as ‘Lolay Gaon’which is a forest range.It has a small bazar (market) known as ‘Sailung Bazar’ in the midst of the forest.It is a place of tranquility and scenic beauty and famous for tourist holiday destination of  West Benal and other states of India.Kaffer is surrounded by lush green forest of coniferous trees and thick jungle of other different verities of trees,plants,herbs,shrubs,etc.The motorable distance from Kalimpong town to Kaffer over Relly river via Lolay-Pala village is only 40 Km and takes about one and half hours time,but, picturesque view of mist covered hills and moss ladened forest  will definitely make the short journey an unforgotable one.The alternative route to Kaffer via Lava is 62 Km.Kaffer is a cool place and the weather  remains very pleasant even  in the mid summers.The tourism and the cardamom are the main livelihood of the inhabitants of Kaffer. It is a very suitable place where anybody can enjoy their holidays, relax their mind and body in a cool and calm atmosphere.There are dozons of standared private resorts and restaurants, bungalows and guest house provided by the forest department,GTA tourist lodge and many homestays in a resonable price.There is a cozy and comfortable homestay about 5 Km.downhill from Sailung Bazar and just near G.P.Office with a beautiful wooden interior and furnitures where we can find the unique craftsmanship of hill carpenters and traditional cuisines,it is a place specially for the poets,writers and peace loving people.The ‘Hanging Garden Bridge’ of forest department is just 1 Km. from Sailung Bazar is famous for its unique jungle adventure,families,friends and particularly the children will enjoy taking the memorable photographs and videos while walking on it. On the other hand the most peculiar place one should visit in the lifetime is the ‘Sun Rise Point’,which is 3 Km.uphill from Sailung Bazar.The mindblowing sun rise in the eastern horizon of Bhutan and plains of Dooers and the panoramic view of full range of Kanchanjunga and its sister peaks covered with saffron coloured sun rays and a beautiful view of Kalimpong town and the ups and downs of the surrounding hills can be seen from this point.Not only the sun rise, Kaffer also offers a unique view of sun set to the visitors from a ‘Sun Set Point’ known as Piplidag which is on a way to sun rise point about 1 Km.downhill.Tourists can witness a spectacular view of sun set in the western horizon of Darjeeling and Siliguri,which will remain forever in the heart as a glorious moment.


Kangkebong mouza is situated  in the western part of Kaffer Gram Panchayat. It is surrounded by Kaffer mouza,Pala Khola,Rubling Khola and Khani Khola in the east,west,north and south respectively.The motorable distance from Kalimpong town to Kangkebong mouza is 11 Km. Agriculture and the labour oriented jobs are the main livelihood of the inhabitants of this area.They grow many types food crops,viz.paddy,maize, millet and green vegetables.They also grow cash crops like cardamom,ginger and broom sticks (Amlisho).MGNREGA has played a great role in the socio-economic upliftment of the people and development of this area.There is no metalled or black topped  road which connects Kangkebong with Kaffer, A rough road  about 8 Km.connects Kangkebong with Kaffer  is partly constructed by forest department for the carriage of logs and partly by Kaffer Gram Panchayat under MGNREGA.Only a vehicle equipped with  four wheel drive facility can ply on it.Most of the time people come to Gram Panchayat Office on foot as there is almost zero means of transportation.Kalimpong-I Development Block and Gram Panchayat is trying to construct a motorable road through PMGSY or IRDP.






                                                                                         Executive Assistant Incharge,

                                                                                  Kaffer-Kangkebong Gram Panchayat,

                                                                                     Kalimpong-I Development Block.