Election is of utmost important in any democratic country. As well we all know Democracy is defined as a government of people, for the people and by the people. India being the largest democratic country in the world in terms of vastness and population, government both at the centre and in the states are elected for five year terms. The electorate of so many corers of the people in our country participate in the election, held on the basis of universal adult franchise and send their representatives expecting that these representatives will safeguard their interests and work to attain the goal of progress, prosperity, unity and integrity of our country as also to ensure right and freedom of the people. In this process of election, the Election Commission of India and Department of Election in the centre and the State play a vital role and render their services for conducting free and fair election maintaining democratic process in our country.

As in Centre, State, District and Sub- Division, the Bloc Office holds a section of Election Department and perform all kind of works related to elections at Block level as well as at Gram Panchayat level. The election works at Block level comprises of:


  • Conduct of election
  • Enrollment/ correction/transposition/ deletion of names in the Photo Electoral Roll for making error free electoral roll through BLO by means of SRER, NERPAP, special continuous updation.
  • Distribution of epic to Electors.
  • All election related works

Presently in our Kalimpong – 1 Block the folloeing official/ staff are holding the election section performing their duties throught the year with utmost endeavour.


  1. Sri, Bimalendu Das WBCS (exe), Block Development officer & Assistant Electoral Registration Officer.
  2. Sri, Palden Thsering Tamang, Block Welfare officer & O.C Election
  3. Miss, Naveena Thapa, Election Clerk
  4. Sri, Dipesh Ramtell , D.E.O
  5. Smt, Santa Subba Lepcha , A.D.E.O