Disaster Management




Disaster management is the creation of plans through which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. Disasters Management does not avert or eliminate the threat; instead it focuses of creating plans to decrease the effect of disasters.

Kalimpong – 1 Development Block also work on the same theory and tries to give its best to the people of 18 Gram panchayat under it.

The Department primarily focuses on the natural calamity related issues and provides different kinds of Government grants to the victims of such situations. But apart from that the department ensures people do not die of starvation and for that matter also different kinds of government grants are provided to the people at the time of distress.

Grants provided by the department and its norms:

House building grant : Home damaged during any natural calamities is   entitled   for H.B grant

Ex – gratia grant : People died during any natural calamities is entitled for this grant.

Ex- gratia grant for loss of a limb or eyes:  Disability 40% and above caused by any natural calamity subject  to certification by a doctor from a government  hospital or dispensary.

Grant for  grievous injury requiring Hospitalisation:   Person requires hospitalisation due to any natural calamity

Grants for clothing and utensils / house hold goods: Families whose houses have been washed away or full damaged / severely inundated for more than two days due to a natural calamity.

Economic Rehabilitation grant for starting petty or small business: people from  economically weaker section  or T.B patient can apply  for the grant

Apart from that above grants , the department provides special grant, normal grant and cash grant to the indigent families to save people from starvation.

The department has also conducted training programmes in the part like Disaster Risk Programme (DRMP) as a part of capacity building. Annual meeting with the line departments is conducted by the department every year for preparedness of any kind of disaster for the particular year