Kalimpong I Development Block is an administrative unit of the district of Darjeeling. It falls within the administrative jurisdiction of Kalimpong Sub Division. Kalimpong I is one of the largest blocks within the state of West Bengal comprising of 18 Gram Panchayats and encompassing an area of 321.6SqKms. It’s a picturesque place comprising of many places of tourist importance like, Lolay Gaon-Kaffer, Charkhol, Dello among others and the panoramic view of the majestic Kanchenjungha mesmerises one and all during the winters. 
It generally enjoys a relatively pleasant weather as compared to other areas of the district,with the winters months of December and January being very cold. The precise etymology of the name Kalimpong means Land of Kings. There are many theories on the origin of the name. One widely accepted theory claims that the name "Kalimpong" means "Assembly (or Stockade) of the King's Ministers" in Tibetan, derived from kalon ("King's ministers") and pong ("stockade")

Kalimpong Block 1 Map